Anti-Lingo in MS

In response to the query regarding anti-Lingo:

Repair of demyelinated axons requires activation of the genetic and cellular programs to promote remyelination in existing or newly recruited oligodendrocyte precursor cells. This is a very complex process. However, a protein Lingo is a natural inhibitor or remyelination and is therefore a therapeutic target in MS. Investigators have shown that anti-LINGO-1 reagents promote remyelination in cell cultures and in animal models of MS. As a result of this work it appears that Biogen-Idec are doing a phase 1 safety study in MS to see if this strategy is safe to take forward.

“The good news is that there are strategies to promote repair that are being tried in MS!”
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COI: I have received consulting fees from Biogen-Idec in relation to several DMTs, but not their anti-Lingo programme. 

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