Neuroimmunology Fundraising – “The Big Bake”

Thank you! The neuroimmunology team at Barts and The London have just raised £372 for the MS Society with their cake sale.

From left to right: Priya, Monica, Sarah, Alison, Katie, Alicia, Adriana, Ruth and Beki

CoI: I love cake!

4 thoughts on “Neuroimmunology Fundraising – “The Big Bake””

  1. Just want to say I have MS and my sister's mum-in-law had a cake break 2 weeks ago and raised nearly £400. Everyone should do one. They're great fun.I am gonna do a Playstation 3 charity evening with my mates to raise money for MS. It's time to think about making MS look cool. It's a young persons disease. Cake is for oldies. Let's get hip.

  2. Hey Awesome MS Soc,Playstation 3 night is a great idea. How do you raise money doing that? Charge your mates to play in set competitions?Have you been on It's the site for young people with MS. Pretty hip.

  3. Playstation 3 MS night is a simple enough idea. Friends come in and put a fiver in my mum's salad bowl. Games are played, bets are made. All winnings go into my mum's salad bowl. Each person leaving will voluntarily put spare change in the salad bowl. 'Nuff money isn't hip enough. Want something hipper.

  4. Re The Awesome MS SocietyIt's nice to see a young person with MS having such a youthful approach to dealing with this disease. The Playsation 3 charity nights are a brilliant idea, though at my age I have a hard enough problem just figuring out the buttons on my remote control.

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