News: Stem-cell scientists grapple with clinics

‘When stem-cell clinics are asked for documentation about the treatments they offer, some are quick to produce letters from lawyers instead. In the face of legal threats from clinics, the Inter­national Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has suspended a service intended to help patients wade through claims about therapies. It is now pondering its next move.’

“There’s real potential to damage the legitimacy of the field,” says Timothy Caulfield.

To read the full article: Heidi Ledford. Published online 28 June 2011 | Nature 474, 550 (2011) | doi:10.1038/474550a

“Have you ever considered going to one of these stem cell clinics?”

One thought on “News: Stem-cell scientists grapple with clinics”

  1. Re "Have you ever considered going to one of these stem cell clinics?"No, but I heard about someone who has and they got injected with bovine cells. It didn’t work and she may develop mad cow disease on top of her MS.I refuse to pay for treatment out of my own pocket. I’ll only have stem cell treatment if you guys (NHS) pay for it. Saying that, I am trying to convince Prof Scolding at Bristol to include me on his bone marrow trials but he never responds to my, or my consultant's, letters. Good manners never cost anything.

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