Some hope for men with infertility due to MS

Men often develop infertility, due to the inability to ejaculate, secondary to MS. 
There are no longitudinal reports of semen quality in the male MS population. 
This is a single case report of a couple who achieved two live births from sperm obtained with electro-ejaculation: the first by intrauterine insemination and the second by in vitro fertilisation
Multiple sampling of sperm showed no progressive decline in semen parameters across 26 semen retrievals performed over 7 tears. 
Conclusion: MS does not appear to cause progressive decline in semen quality.
“This case report provides some hope for having a family for male MS’ers rendered impotent as a result of their disease.”

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14 thoughts on “Some hope for men with infertility due to MS”

  1. Above comment is ignorant and unhelpful. Having children is a personal choice. Whoever you are, you're an idiot so definitely shouldn't be passing on your genes!

  2. re "you're an idiot so definitely shouldn't be passing on your genes!"Seriously, let's not go down this road. One thing I've always liked about this blog is the respect commenters show one another, even when they disagree. Let's not stoop to this.

  3. To all MSers, disability should never be a barrier to your fundamental human rights. Having a family is infact one of these fundamental rights and preserved for all including criminals in jail who will have their IVF paid for by the government to have children. Feel empowered! Dont let narrow mindedness stop you!

  4. Totally agree with the above comment. While I am not in agreement of the arguement PwMS shouldn't have children, I don't think it's right to call someone an 'idiot' for saying something controversial like the first comment.We all know that MS can make life frustrating and bring out the worst in us at times. This is why everyone should be free to say what they want as long as they're not insulting anyone.Be nice!

  5. Out of interest – the posters here who don't believe MS'ers should have children, what is your link with MS? Do you have MS? Just wondering.I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they should be respected. Personally I'm more concerned about passing on MS-linked genes to any children that I have, which is the overriding issue for me when thinking about whether I should have any.

  6. Why stop at not having children? MSers shouldn't be allowed to have relationships either nor should they be allowed education as they will eventually become disabled and not be able to work anyway so that's a waste of money too!

    1. Wow I think you are very judgemental and wrong, who are you to say who should have children or relationships that is a very discouraging comment and maybe you should keep your negativity to yourself

  7. That’s just facetious. Although I do not agree with MS’ers being discouraged from having children, I do understand the sentiment. Kids must have a tough time watching their parent deal with such a harsh illness like MS. I can understand why some people may think it’s irresponsible for MS’ers to put their children through such an ordeal. Children are attuned to things like their parents wellbeing and any parent’s job is to protect their children from worry. Who knows, it’s a complex area of debate.

  8. Who knows what the future holds for anyone? Should people who have cancer in their family history not have children either because the pain it may cause in the future? Why not give all the bogan people spitting out a million children sterilization?ANYONE should be able to have children as long as they are willing to love and care for the child.27y female with 28y husband. TTC 18mths.

  9. Someone I care for deeply has MS. He is academically brilliant, creative, talented, compassionate, hilarious person who adds value to every life he encounters; we need more people like him in this world. Shouldn't the emphasis of the discussion then be on curative measures rather than marginal reproductive matters? Please…focus my friends.

  10. Ive had ms since 15 im almost 24 now and ive been trying to concieve for the last yr nd a half but still nothing i have no sexual disfunctions i can ejectulate no problem what could be the issue and what could i do to help the situation please serious answers only

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