Neonatal outcome in MS

van der Kop et al. Neonatal and delivery outcomes in women with multiple sclerosis. Ann Neurol. 2011 Jul;70(1):41-50.

Objective: To determine (1) whether the risk of adverse neonatal and delivery outcomes differs between mothers with and without multiple sclerosis (MS) and (2) whether risk is differentially associated with clinical factors of MS.

Methods: Comparisons were made between births to women with MS (n = 432) and to a frequency-matched sample of women without MS (n = 2,975) from 1998 to 2009. 
Results: Babies born to MS mothers did not have a significantly different average gestational age or birth weight compared to babies born to mothers without MS. MS was not associated with an increase assisted vaginal delivery or Caesarean section rate. There was a slightly elevated risk of adverse delivery outcomes among MS mothers with greater levels of disability, although findings were not statistically significant. Disease duration and age at MS o
nset were not significantly associated with adverse outcomes.
Interpretation: This study provides reassurance to MS’ers that maternal MS is generally not associated with adverse neonatal and delivery outcomes.
“Woman with MS planning to start, or expand, their families will find this study results reassuring.”

“Please note this was a study done in Canada and the results may not necessarily be applicable in other healthcare systems.” 

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