Survey results on genetic screening tests

“The results of this survey are reassuring; the service that these commercial genetic screening companies provide at the present is not good enough. The don’t provide enough data or context. However, this is an industry that is developing rapidly and in time they will improve.”

“You also need to remember that MS is a complex disease and that in addition to genetic risk factors there are environmental risk factors that need to be taken into account as well. MS is risk is about the interaction of genetics and environment. This is something we as a research group are very interested in doing and will be launching a Predict MS pilot study later this year. We hope you and your families will be keen to participate and help with our research.”

“You will find the following posting interesting; Ram in our group sent off his DNA to 23andMe for screening. The post describes his results.”

Multiple Sclerosis Research: Genetic Testing: Can We Predict …
16 Jun 2011
Being a geneticist particularly interested in risk prediction, I signed up to a genetic test from 23andme (note we are not advising for anyone to do this). I received my results yesterday and the first thing I did was to look at my …

Additional reading: 23andMe, wikipedia entry on 23andMe

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