Survey results: environmental impact of injectables

“The message is loud and clear; MS’ers and other MS stakeholders think that you should consider the environmental impact of DMTs when making your decision about which one to choose. I assume the more frequent injectables will come off the worst. Clearly this needs to be studied formally.” 

“Are there any health economists out there who are interested in doing a formal environmental impact study in relation to MS DMTs?”

2 thoughts on “Survey results: environmental impact of injectables”

  1. Re: "43% vs 50% is not exactly loud & clear!"The interpretation is pretty clear to me; in fact a very democratic interpretation. You may interested in the following figures from the last 3 US Elections; clear or not so clear? 2008: Obama 53% vs. McCain 46%2004: Bush 50.7% vs. Kerry 48.3%2000: Bush 47.9% vs. Gore 48.5%You have draw the line somewhere. If 50% of MS'ers think it is important that is good enough for me!

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