Occupational therapy and psychosocial adaptation

Hwang et al. Correlations between quality of life and adaptation factors among people with multiple sclerosis. Am J Occup Ther. 2011 Nov-Dec;65(6):661-9. 

OBJECTIVE: This study examined the correlations between quality of life and three adaptation factors–adjusted self-concept, social support, and accessibility in MS’ers.

METHOD: A sample of 68 participants completed the Leeds MS Quality of Life scale (LMSQoL) and a questionnaire assessing the three adaptation factors.

RESULTS: The investigators found significant moderate correlations between LMSQoL scores and adjusted self-concept (r = .56, p < .0001) and LMSQoL scores and social support (r = .52, p < .0001). A significant low correlation was found between LMSQoL and accessibility (r = .36, p = .003).
DISCUSSION: Adjusted self-concept, social support, and accessibility were found to be critical in participants’ psychosocial adaptation to the course of MS. Occupational therapy intervention should address these adaptation factors to help clients cope with MS and promote quality of life.

“This study provides some insight into what it takes to adapt to a life with MS and provides occupational therapists some guidance on how to help MS’ers cope.”

“This study also demonstrates that event therapists are active in the MS research arena.”

4 thoughts on “Occupational therapy and psychosocial adaptation”

  1. Noble, but what is study really teaching me?My take is that it should not be on this particular hard-science blog, as it offers no motion of relevance whatsoever….Quality please, not quantity.

  2. For you, but not for me..Not everything that is written on this blog is relevant to me and as we are all different I would like to think the same goes for many of us. Well, somtetimes I don´t even understand half of it. But that doesn´t make me the judge…. and furthermore I thought this was an interesting article as we we all know this is a very big part of dealing with MS.. so until we have the ultimate cure it´s also about about enduring and getting on with life//Sara

  3. I thought it interesting too. Quality of life matters more than anything and whatever helps with that will be useful.

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