Survey results: Facebook

“I am not surprised by this result considering how many of the world’s population now socialise within Facebook. Our problem is simply time. We already spend a large number of hour per week running the blog and don’t have the resource to run a Facebook page as well. Maybe this is an opportunity for us to get some of you involved to help keep the blog, twitter and Facebook pages up-to-date and contemporary.” 

“Any volunteers? You need to be an MS’ers with lots of spare time, commitment to education and the necessary IT skills.”

12 thoughts on “Survey results: Facebook”

  1. I can't see how being on Facebook or Twitter is going to help us MSers.You guys have got the other website called Shift.MS who happen to be on Facebook. Why are you keen to duplicate?In all honesty the only reason Shift.MS seem to be on Facebook is because it's for young people with MS, and Facebook is what youngsters do. You don't need to feed out stuff on Facebook when your (little) sister site is doing that for you.Also, I hate this new way of leaving comments. Why do we have to enter the hard to read codes?

  2. Willing to help, proably able, but current lack of time prevents me from offering my services. As for Facebook being for young people … At 58 I really can no longer be classed as young, except at heart. Facebook is a good medium for reaching even more people, more to the point, it reaches people without MS

  3. The interesting question is what do you want to do that you can't do now, but that FB or Twitter would enable you to do. If the answer is nothing, then there's no point. Lots of people don't use blog readers and it's a pain to keep checking the site so it seems to me that one low-hanging fruit would just be to post links to new blog posts on Twitter and FB. This is likely to reach a broader audience of people who are on those forums, plus it's easier to spread the message with retweets and shared posts. I imagine the posting could even be automated.PS I agree that some of the things you have to type to prove you're not a spammer are a pain, but I usually just hit refresh until I get a more legible one. I haven't tried the audio version, but that's another possibility.

  4. What will Facebook and Twitter give you that you do not already have? I know everyone wants communication to be very quick and information available to everyone. The beauty of the present system is that everything is all in one place. I think lots of us would like to keep it that way.Before diving in with Facebook and Twitter please consider the consequences and the net gains. Only too often the simplest solution is the best. Maybe an 'app' would be the answer.

  5. Re: "What will Facebook and Twitter give you that you do not already have?"Not sure; I think we will take-up the advice of simply posting a link to the blog on Facebook and Twitter. This may allow people to screen whether or not they want to click-through and read the full post. The idea of an app is a good one, but too expensive at this stage; unless a programmer out there wants to help!

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