Hypothesis: MS is caused by a bacterium living in your sinuses

Epub ahead of printEbringer et al. The role of Acinetobacter in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis examined by using Popper sequences. Med Hypotheses. 2012 Apr 5. 

MS is an autoimmune neurological disorder. The role of ‘Acinetobacter’ has been examined using the method of Karl Popper and involves nine “Popper sequences”. (1) The frequency of MS increases with latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, and the reverse is found in the Southern Hemisphere. (2) Sinusitis is found frequently at colder latitudes. (3) Sinusitis occurs frequently in patients with MS. (4) Specific sequences of bovine myelin when injected into experimental animals will produce a neurological disorder resembling MS which is called “experimental allergic encephalomyelitis”. (5) Computer analysis of myelin shows molecular mimicry with sequences found in Acinetobacter. (6) Antibodies to Acinetobacter bacteria are found in MS patients. (7) Acinetobacter bacteria are located on human skin and in the nasal sinuses. (8) IgA antibodies are preferentially elevated in the sera of MS patients, thereby suggesting the trigger microbe is acting across a mucosal surface probably located in the nasal sinuses. (9) Only Acinetobacter bacteria and no other microbes evoke statistically significant titres of antibodies in MS patients. These nine Popper sequences suggest that MS is most probably caused by infections with Acinetobacter bacteria in the nasal sinuses, and this could have therapeutic implications.

“Who was Karl Popper? He was famous scientific philosopher who popularised the approach of disproving rather than proving a hypothesis.”

“Does this hypothesis have legs? I am not sure, but as always I am up for new ideas. This needs to tested using causation theory; it will require a lot of thought, experiments and only then could we start debating causation. I pleased to note that has been proposed as a hypothesis and not fact. It is a great pity that CCSVI was not presented as a hypothesis for testing, before it was adopted by so many so fast.” 

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  1. I thought that minocycline has been used in CIS situations to try and avert MS, and it's an antibiotic? Also the Wheldon protocol suggests courses of antibiotics to treat MS. However, wouldn't there be more cases of paediatric MS if the bacteria was in our sinuses?

  2. Minocycline is an antibiotic and also a neuroprotective agent being trialled in a number of conditions.This may well be unrelated to its antibiotic properties.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minocycline#Anti-inflammatory_and_neuroprotective There was a recent report on it having dramatic effects in the treatment of schizophrenia.http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/scientists-shocked-to-find-antibiotics-alleviate-symptoms-of-schizophrenia-7469121.html

  3. Re "It is a great pity that CCSVI was not presented as a hypothesis for testing"Professor, you are mistaken. Dr. F.Schelling presented a CCSVI hypothesis back in 1986:"Damaging venous reflux into the skull or spine: relevance to multiple sclerosis"http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3641027Then, he asked several University research teams to try and test it, but no one bothered to take a look. Why? Because at that time the macabre dance of research money was around ways of modulating the immune system: 26 years ago the pharma industry was planning its first major MS-related attack on world's health systems using its new weapon, INF-b.Now INF-b is drowning in its proven lack of efficacy, while Dr.Schelling is consulting world's leading CCSVI reaserchers.

  4. "Now INF-b is drowning in its proven lack of efficacy"Yes, but there are now several new therapies with proven efficacy, whilst Dr Schelling continues to peddle "snake-oil".

  5. The ebringer idea is now years old.. he also suggested that this orgamism caused BSE and was linked with MS……..em

  6. Re "Yes, but there are now several new therapies with proven efficacy"INF-b was also presented as an efficacious drug. Billions were spent, millions injections were made. Now it is gently withdrawn leaving nothing but disappointment. This is the definition of "snake-oil".Re "whilst Dr Schelling continues to peddle "snake-oil"."You have obviously lost touch with the current state of ccsvi research. It's ok, you have your own agenda.

  7. He asked several research labs and blah, drug conspiracy blah……… mushroom foodMaybe they did not think it was worth the effort. Schelling did nothing!!!! And has not done anything!!!! So why should other people drop what they are doing to fund tand examine something that the instigator is apparently too lazy to do themselves. Still waiting for your blog address…walking and non ealkimg philosophers will be interested.

  8. Re "Schelling did nothing!!!! And has not done anything!!!! "MD, how can one test a hypothesis if he is deprived of the necessary means? What kind of research would you do without acesses to your lab, the equipment and your colleages? Why do the initiators of the Charcot Project ask for funding? Are they lazy?Dr Schelling did what NO ONE has ever done: He investigated the whole volume of the literature of MS since the very first reports some 150 years ago. He pinpointed the valves of the internal jugular veins as crucial in the pathogenesis of MS because they are the natural extension of the staight sinus that drains the periventricular area where Dawson's fingers emerge. He also implicated the lumbar veins, the epidural veins of the lower spine and described the role of the CSF.It was after consulting him that Dr. Zamboni began investigating the jugular veins of MS patients. This was the first time that someone tried to test his hypothesis. I bet you could have done it all by yourself.

  9. noiln said…Hypothesis TestingDefine Hypothesis, what is Hypothesis? Define Hypothesis Testing, null HypothesisThen LINK DELETED

  10. "How can one test a hypothesis if he is deprived of the necessary means?"The necessary means are willpower and pen and paper or computer and software and write a grant like the rest of academia. When you get rejected you try again and again if you believe in something. That is a weak excuse for inactivity.If you want a lab you can find a lab that can help if you have a grant to hand.Dr Schelling did what NO ONE has ever done and read the literature: Really are you Sure that no one has done this? I have my doubtsVV you sound like the pal of Dr Schelling as you seem to proport to know his intimate thoughts. Is this your blog? Maybe you are Dr Schelling?"I bet you could have done this yourself" Not me you have to be medically qualified

  11. Why do the initiators of the Charcot Project ask for funding? Are they lazy?No they are not Lazy because they are being proactive and trying to do something to test their ideas rather than just talk about them as a hypothesis. To test their ideas they need to do a trial and this costs money and so you need funding

  12. Although not really related to this post, I couldn’t find anywhere else that would be appropriate to ask the following question.

    What do the Bart’s team think about Bovine Meat and Milk Factors (BMMF) and their potential role in MS?

    The following article proposes that early BMMF infection could be involved in the development of certain cancers and inflammation – DOI: 10.1002/ijc.31882

    The following paper shows BMMFs demonstrate transcriptional activity – doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-21317-w

    Recently BMMF has turned up in brain tissue of an MS patient – https://doi.org/10.1107/S2059798319003991

    Is this something that requires further investigation or is it just pie in the sky?

    1. There is the Q&A section this appears each month

      BMMF. I had never heard of them until today, there are plenty of people who say MS is a prion disease…but most of those live in Barking:-)

      1. As in mad or in London? Kinda the same thing if you ask me 😀.

        I thought prion disease turned your brain to mush (e.g. Kuru). Anyhoot, I’m sure someone will be looking into BMMF and MS somewhere. I’m actually surprised the OMS brigade haven’t jumped all over this already.

        Thanks for the heads up about the QA bit. Had a good laugh reading the comments in this post.

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