New survey: what are your expectations of an effective neuroprotective therapy for progressive MS?

Last day to complete the survey; I need at least 100 response for the data to be meaningful. I will use the information in my presentation at “MS Life” tomorrow. 

I need to know what you expect an effective neuroprotective therapy to do for MSers with progressive MS?

The following are four cartoons illustrating 4 different scenarios or expectations. For this survey to be useful I need to know what your realistic expectations are; I hope this is possible. 

Thank you for helping out at such short notice.

5 thoughts on “New survey: what are your expectations of an effective neuroprotective therapy for progressive MS?”

  1. Hello,This sounds a bit like defining a cure for MS, been there before. We would all love there to be a recovered function but realism is necessary cos this sort of medical cure is a long way off at the moment. We already have a sort of delayed progression, to my mind this is things like LDN & CANNABIS they can make the patient feel better for a short time. Stabilised Progression is the next logical stage and hopefully its already in the pipeline, awaiting Phase 3 trials and approval by NICE etc. So right now I would settle for a cure that offers Improved Function.What you have not mentioned is the cure that elininates MS in the way that polio no longer exists. I would die a happy man if that type of cure could be available

  2. The use of the word 'expect' rather than 'hope or 'like' is interesting.I would hope that a therapy would delay progression.As a minimum, I would like a therapy to recover function.I am not sure what to expect particularly as over time expectations will change, as more is known about this disease and its effects.

  3. Even I don't know what to expect. What I hope for at the minimum is no more progression. Of course anything is better than nothing but delayed progression is not good enough unless there is a lot of delay and progression becomes very very slow.

  4. Ideally, would like to have stabilized progression with improved or recovered function, but if I had to choose one, I'd take stabilized progression.

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