4 thoughts on “Survey results: MS Life 2012 – Manchester”

  1. We're off to Manchester for MSLife.Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible!!

  2. you can see my daughter and myselytube-my style fashion show 2008. At that time I was able to walk down the catwalk with my daughter. Since then I have gradually deteriorated with primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

  3. only 6% spent on PPMS and a resounding 94% not. To be honest I know that this diagnosis represents the end of the spectrum, but a lot could be gained from focusing upon remedial therapies and treatments, including drugs aimed at maintaining the status quo. Novell drugs such as fampridine fall into this category. The MS Society should campaign more on this area around unmet and quality of life.

    1. Whilst you are trawling through the history of the BLOG, I hope you are going from start to finish not finish to start, otherwise you have missed the important posts which tell you that the MS Societies are doing just that. Check out the clinical trials network and the International Collaborative, read the information and you will find that what you are saying has been a goal. However change does not occur overnight and they have already spent many years on this aspect. For progressive MS and symptom control this has been a priority for the MS Society for over ten years.

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