London 2012 Marathon Results

We would like to thank your for your support and well wishes. 

We all completed the race:
  1. Adam Paterson – 4:13
  2. Alison Thomson – 3:54
  3. Cheryl Giovannoni – 5:32
  4. Gavin Giovannoni – 3:24
  5. Katie McGivern – 5:32
  6. Roison McGivern – 5:32
We are aware that some of you were waiting to see if we completed the race before sponsoring us. If that is the case you can donate via our the following links: Gavin & Cheryl or Adam & Alison or Katie & Róisín!

7 thoughts on “London 2012 Marathon Results”

  1. I'm so impressed by the three 5.32 times, because it must have been a heroic effort. Thanks to everybody and especially to Mrs G and the McGiverns.

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