MS Trust Radio 4 Appeal

If you get the time please listen to the MS Trust’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal!


The Multiple Sclerosis Trust is dedicated to making life better for MSers. They provide expert information and support to anyone affected by MS and we support the health professionals who work with people with MS.

How will my donation help people with MS?

“The MS Trust offers help and support when you need it most. When I was scared and unsure about how my life was going to be, they offered a shoulder to lean on and ears to listen. By helping them you are helping any number of people like me who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and don’t know where to turn to find out the facts and the ways to cope with our condition.” Mel, a user of our enquiry service

The money raised through this appeal will help to fund their freephone enquiry service – a lifeline for MSers and their loved ones. Anyone with a question about MS can call them and they will find them the information they need, as and when they need it. When you are living with a frightening and unpredictable condition like MS, this can make a big difference.

The MS Trust’s freephone enquiry service costs £200 a day to run and helps around 50 people with their personal enquiries every week. This unique service can only keep going thanks to the support of people like you who give so generously.

BBC Radio 4 Appeal

MS Trust founder Chris Jones recording the Radio 4 Appeal with the BBC production team in the background.  

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