3 thoughts on “Sound familiar?”

  1. This makes me so mad.I think the next step is getting videos like this shown in support group meetings. Every MSer needs to be aware that there are people out there who are happy to take advantage of them. It's hard to believe someone would steal $30,000 or more from a desperate sick person, but people do it. But even a $10 book proclaiming the unproven benefits of organic vegetables is too much in my opinion. These are just bad people.

  2. I live in the Pakistani Muslim community and have progressive MS. The number of times we have been approached by Imans offering to pray for us in exchange for money, or to provide hocus-pocus cures like 'mercy oil' is shocking.There ar predators right here in Britain MouseDoctor, praying on ill people. I've never heard of British councilors or authorities wanting to investigate such matters, yet go to places like Glasgow, Walthamstow or Bradford, you'll hear about it.

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