Research: breast feeding and MS relapses

Epub: Pakpoor et al. Breastfeeding and multiple sclerosis relapses: a meta-analysis. J Neurol 2012 May 23.

In this meta-analysis we show that women who breastfeed were almost twice as likely not to have a post-partum relapse than woman would did not; in 8 prospective studies the odds ratio (OR) of having a relapse was 0.46 (0.30–0.70). 

“This meta-analysis gives me confidence to tell woman MSers that breast feeding is a good thing and lowers your risk of having a relapse in the 6 month post-partum period by approximately 50% compared to the risk if you did not breast feed.”

“Six months is also more than long enough to provide your child with the health benefits of breast feeding.”


CoI: This meta-analysis was done by members of Team G

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