Glatiramer acetate 3X per week

Teva announced yesterday that a new version of Copaxone met its goals in a late-stage clinical trial. MSers who took the newer version of glatiramer acetate were ~34% less likely to have a relapse of their symptoms over the course of a year compared to MSers who took placebo. Copaxone is injected once a day, and the new version needs to be taken only 3x a week. Teva said the late-stage trial involved around 1,400 MSers. 

3 thoughts on “Glatiramer acetate 3X per week”

  1. Oh, so they are trying to sell the old stuff, with some "modifications" for PR reasons methinks. I wonder if anyone is going to take injectables which are not terrifically effective either once oral medications get off the ground.

  2. maybe they wiill come up with a X1 study in a decade or so once the liofe of the X3 runs out:-)

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