Personalised care: Russian Neurology Congress

“This is an uploaded copy of a presentation I have just given at the Russian Neurology Congress in Nizhniy Novogord as a part of satellite symposium. I covered the emerging topic of personalised care and the issue of the expert patient and choice. You will see that I have a habit of reusing slides from other talks; this saves time and some of the slides have been developed over years.”

“This talk was for neurologists so some of the slides may be too technical. I hope you can follow the theme.”

“The Russian people are very friendly and hospitable and I enjoyed their company. It is clearly a country that is still emerging with a mix of socialist and private healthcare. Most of the first-line therapies are available under  the state, but the more expensive second line therapies have to be obtained privately. The state are pushing the locally produced biosimilars over branded innovator drugs and as a result of this some of the Big Pharma companies have stopped marketing their drugs in Russia. This is very interesting to see the introduction of biosimilars having the desired effect on the market; I assume this will also happen once they get to Europe and N. America.”

“Interesting that almost 80% of the audience were woman, but almost all of the Russian academic neurologists that I have met, at a Professorial level, are male. The latter is not too dissimilar to the rest of the world. It is time we made  the necessary changes to our academic system to encourage female academics!”

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