Survey results: life expectancy

“The results are interesting; I need to contemplate them.”

“It is clear that life expectancy is an important issue and that neurologists should choose the correct moment to discuss this information with MSers. It could be viewed as bad news are simply stating the obvious. The important message is that most of the data on reduced life expectancy in MS comes from the pre-DMT era and that we now have data showing that DMTs impact on survival is very good and should make it easier to put this information into context. What do you think?”

“I wonder if NICE will consider this information when it reassesses the cost-effectiveness of interferon-beta in the future? I sincerely hope so.”

Previous post of interestECTRIMS 2011: IFNbeta and 21-yr survival – Multiple Sclerosis …18 Feb 2012; ECTRIMS 2011: IFNbeta and 21-yr survival. Goodin et al. Predictive value of baseline and short-term outcomes on mortality in multiple sclerosis: data from the Interferon Beta-1b 21-Year Long-Term Follow-Up Study.

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