An holistic approach to MS

“I have put this map together to illustrate an holistic approach to MS; i.e. what we need to think about it when considering the services we provide MSers. Have I left anything out? Thanks”

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  1. Prof Gphysiotherapy – would be great to offer that earlier i.e. at the diagnosis or minimal impairment stage (it's not done but would be worth of advocating that by scientists)Counselling – throughout all stages of diseaseDiet/ Nutritional education or something of that kind – also early in the disease process PS. The map is much better than the scary pyramid Prof G – like a funky Tube map

  2. This seems really complete. My only suggestion would be a good education component, including information for patients who want to understand where science is at with the disease and how to make sense of conflicting information we read. (E.g., anti-lingo–will make me all better or give me cancer?) That seeking education is one reason I come here, in fact!

  3. I agree with Anon – the importance of diet, exercise/physio perhaps vitD/sun and care in mind and body ie exercise everything – should be a crucial part of any holistic approach and it is probably the neuro who should try to push this idea and point to this kind of care much earlier as MSer can feel quite drowned in medical model stuff.

  4. Counseling from a skilled counselor at at every stage. Denial is an extreme reaction but I think it's healthier than than the other extreme, where you get depressed and spend all your time brooding.

  5. Re: "education, counselling, diet, exercise/physio, vitD/sun and care in mind and body."I will include this when I update the map. I will also make the map 3D so that you can move backwards and forwards.

  6. This is a 'medical model' of disease. Like others have mentioned, diet, nutrition, exercise – for health, rehabilitation and the maintenance of function are vital – at the point of diagnosis and continuing. Where is meditation, and other mind-body techniques – as you well know this illness is the poster illness for stress from diagnosis to continuing disability. Equally important to mental health is the support of family and friends, MS is a tough gig on your own. The research regarding social support and illness show overwhelming support for that model. Add to that peer support groups.

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