Why MSers go online?

Hay et al.  Why patients go online: multiple sclerosis, the internet, and physician-patient communication. Neurologist. 2008 Nov;14(6):374-81. 

BACKGROUND: The online information seeking of MSers, their reasons for doing so, and its importance for physician-patient communication have not been described.

METHODS: MSers (n = 61) presenting for the first time at an MS clinic from December 2003 to July 2005 were interviewed pre- and post-appointment and administered standard measures of pain and health quality of life. Consultations were audio recorded. Quantitative data were analyzed in light of qualitative data.

RESULTS: Eighty-two percent of MSers reported gathering medical information online before their first appointment; 36% discussed this information with their physician. Qualitative reasons for Internet information seeking and for not communicating it show some signs of wariness of health care potentially leading to non-adherence.

CONCLUSIONS: Most MSers are informed by online information, but are unlikely to discuss that research with physicians for reasons that may have implications for patient adherence.

“Why do you go online? Do you discuss it with your neurologist?”

2 thoughts on “Why MSers go online?”

  1. I go online to get the latest news on research and clinical trials. My neuro knows that I go online and I do bring her items that I find on PubMed and this blog whenever I have an appointment with her.

  2. Yes, my reasons are similar. I'm actually thinking of giving my neuros & a researcher the link to this blog the next time I go visit them to keep them up to date 😉

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