Big Pharma’s massive Bribe

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Pharma’s massive bribery network exposed

This video is IG11 and beyond! If anyone wants a non-IG11 explanation of what
went down with GSK, read this:

Alex Jones and Mike Adams (the so-called “Health Ranger”) are
regarded as wingnuts in the States. Alex Jones uses his radio show to spout
conspiracy theories about 9/11 being an inside job done by the US government
and how President Obama isn’t a real American and will turn the US into a
socialist country. Mike Adams is also a 9/11 “truther” and a Obama
“birther”. Both of them are also vaccine denialists and have interviewed
Andrew Wakefield for their respective YouTube shows. So pardon me if I don’t
believe a single word of their tripe. Anyone wanting to know more about the
idiocy of these two should check out a blog called “Respectful
Insolence”. As the French say, “les extremes, se touchent”.

I’ll admit that Big Pharma doesn’t always do the right thing as far as patients
are concerned, but this doesn’t mean conspiracy-mongering wingnuts like Jones
and Adams are right. Ben Goldacre has been able to criticize Big Pharma without
resorting to science denialism and I believe that Prof G and his team have been
nothing but forthright with their experiences with Big Pharma.

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  1. This video is IG11 and beyond! This is RM10 which is Dagenham which is three stops on from Barking (IG11)

  2. Thank you!I was also shocked by the anti-vax comments, I can't believe anyone hasn't heard the news on that whole deal. I can't even take Jenny McCarthy slightly seriously anymore. Now they say her child probably doesn't even have Asperger's (which she was blaming on vaccinations and then "cured" by eliminating gluten.)Then the host said Obamacare was bad because it forces us to use "this system" and we should "have a choice". I don't know exactly what he meant but I guess he wants a choice not to use this pharmaceutical system. Huh? You know, there's only one pharmaceutical system: the one on Earth. There aren't other choices.He also blamed Bill Gates for doing harm to impoverished children by vaccinating them (so they won't die.)Whatever.

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