Day 1 – California

Just arrived in LA for a 2 week holiday in and around California. I won't be able to respond to many comments in the next 2 weeks, but I will be providing updates.

On my trip over I was checking data for an ECTRIMS poster on disease progression and realised that there are so many emerging definitions that we need some consensus. I was considering designing an adaptable logo to explain the outcome and to use it for confirmed improvement. The term sustained is also being used for both, but unfortunately MS is not a disease that lends itself to the use of that term, nor is the EDSS a robust enough measure.

Any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “Day 1 – California”

  1. Call me up if you happen to come close to San Diego — might be productive to meet in person –505-819-7388 cell 619-623=3468 Rich Murray

  2. If we met in person I would ask you why you wont stop your crusade.When G passes through San Diego I suspect his family will want to do touristy things…but I am sure he appreciates the thought

  3. NB You can crusade where you like but not here!!!!!! Whilst we are at it…Stop emailing Team G also it is a nuissance

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