Survey results: stress

“Stress and its impact on MS is clearly an issue that is largely ignored my the healthcare workers involved in caring for MSers. Based on recent posts and comments this is something that needs to be addressed in a formal way. I am not sure how to do this at this point in time. How do we implement a stress management programme with out resources? Is the evidence robust enough for payers to give us the necessary resources? What do we tell MSers to do in relation to stress? These are all issues that we will have to comeback to you on. If you have any suggestion in the interim they would be most welcome. Thank you.”

4 thoughts on “Survey results: stress”

  1. Sorry, not a suggestion but an observation. What I noticed about myself is that emotional stress (in my view) triggered relapses. Not money worries or work stress. I realise this may not make much sense but I know what I mean!

  2. Many thanks to Prof G again for initiating the survey, I think that is a small first step in itself.Perhaps neurologists should start more strongly to link stress to MS activity like you do with Vit D. Many neuros so far are a bit "not sure" about that – that attitude is wrong. So include stress as a keyword every time you hold a meeting or a conference – it's all about education.Stress as a trigger of relapses should be self-evident. Only then can the authorities recognize that a stress-management course should be given to MSers like a physio excercise is given to someone who had broken their legs.The second step would be to think about a grant proposal which could deliver some hard facts about relapses and stress but that is difficult, I know.

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