Team G: Maria’s leaving us today

Today is Maria Espasandin’s last day in our group! She has worked as our clinical research manager for over 10 years. Dependable, thorough, highly-skilled and an asset we are can’t afford to be losing. Ask Maria to get a trial or study protocol written and through ethics and bingo it is done. Maria was also the person responsible for arranging our annual research days. We are going to find it difficult replacing Maria’s skills. 

We hope the grass is greener on the pharma side if not you can always change your mind and come back.

Maria about to run the London Marathon!

Maria at her MSc graduation! 

 Good Luck! 

2 thoughts on “Team G: Maria’s leaving us today”

  1. Dear MariaI am very sorry to hear you are leaving. Thanks for being so helpful and being there for us. Good luck with your new job, I hope it is in the field of MS.A very grateful MSer!

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