Why do Americans pay more for their DMTs?

“Did you know that the price of DMTs in the USA is more than double what is in the UK? Why? Is this good for MSers? Is this good for the future of drug development? Is the status quo sustainable?”

“If you are American you will find the following editorial an interesting read.”

Rita F. Redberg. Getting to Best Care at Lower Cost. Arch Intern Med. Published online September 07, 2012. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.1271


“…. The increased cost of the American health care system is posing a tremendous burden on individuals, families, and businesses….”

“….. in the past decade, the health care costs (including health insurance premiums and out-of pocket costs) for a family of 4 increased by 76%, while average income rose by only 30%, effectively eliminating any wage increases. ….”

“….. there is a growing recognition that we are not getting good value for our money. …..”

” ….. A recently released report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM)….. offers detailed recommendations ….”

“…. Wasteful health care accounted for an estimated $750 billion in 2009…”

“…. There are numerous sources of inefficiency in US health care ranging from administrative complexity to lack of price information and incentives for patients as well as scientific uncertainty about effectiveness and costs, especially of newer tests and treatments…..”

“… American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation has led the medical profession with the institution of the “Choosing Wisely” campaign. The primary care specialties each developed “Top Five” lists in the fall of 2011 of 5 things physicians should do less of, and patients would be better off….”

“…. A truly learning health care system is one in which science and informatics, patient-clinician partnerships, incentives, and culture are aligned to promote and enable continuous and real-time improvement in both the effectiveness and efficiency of care….”

“I think that the US consumer, that is health consumer, cannot continue to subsidise the development costs of drugs for the rest of the world. If something is not done about it there will be a backlash – possibly a trade war – that will not be good for MSers or people with other diseases.”

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