Highlights of prescribing information for Teriflunomide in the US

“For those of you who want more information I have uploaded Teriflunomide’s highlights of prescribing information for you to review and download. I am expecting a lot of questions.”

CoI: multiple

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4 thoughts on “Highlights of prescribing information for Teriflunomide in the US”

    1. I have no idea, but we will know soon enough. My guess is that it will be slightly more expensive than the interferons.

  1. Maybe they should be cheaper and then try capture the whole of Glatimer acetate and beta interferon market

  2. That would certainly be the model as proposed by Adam Smith but in the field of big pharma the market does not operate and the model is rather to charge what the market will stand, which rather conflicts with the ideas of the free marketeers.

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