Preliminary results of the survey on the ethics of placebo trials

“The response to this survey was slow and has dragged on for too long! I suspect this was my fault when I first put it up it was closed to the public. However, from experience from doing these surveys the results seldom change once 30 people have responded to them. The discussion about placebo-controlled trials is not trivial and we are currently grappling with this issue at present. We are planning our anti-viral trials and due to costs and resources it will almost certainly be necessary to do phase 2 (6 month) placebo-controlled trials. Will the MS community be prepared to accept this to test a very important hypothesis that MS may be due to EBV or another virus? I sincerely hope so!”

19 Sep 2012
RESULTS: In ten pivotal trials, 2,752 MSers were given placebo instead of the best proven* treatments. The annualized relapse rate was reported for 2,405 of these MSers. MSers receiving placebo suffered 630 more relapses 
03 Jun 2012
A variable placebo response has been previously described in the multiple sclerosis (MS) literature and in sham surgical trials involving other patient populations. Conditioning and expectancy models are proposed to explain

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