Incorporating disease-activity free status into clinical practice

“In response to a comment about incorporating disease-activity free status into routine clinical practice in the UK I have made this short talk that tries to explain the current problems we are having in the UK. It should be self-explanatory.”

“It is often easier to talk about things than write about them. Please complete the DAF survey; we need it to be as international as possible! Thanks.”

3 thoughts on “Incorporating disease-activity free status into clinical practice”

  1. It is sad that neuros aren't prescribing the treatments which offer the best chance of disease free activity for their patients. As doctors, surely you should be offering your patients choices, not limiting them. Is their any other field of medicine where patients are offered ineffective treatments and only if they fail (possible becoming very disabled) are they offered more effective treatments? Time for neuros to prescribe the best treatment available and take the risk. I'd argue that preventing me from getting the best is an enfringement of my human rights.

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