Recent pharma fines in the US

Pharmaceutical companies paid a record amount in malpractice fines in the United States in the first half of 2012. A report by Public Citizen, a consumer group based in Washington DC, found that by 18 July, US$5 billion in federal settlements and $1.6 billion in state settlements had been made for activities such as illegal marketing and overcharging of government medical programmes. Settlements with individual states have steadily increased since 2009.

“No comment; the data speaks for itself!”

3 thoughts on “Recent pharma fines in the US”

  1. What_the_hell? This is scary and not really news but the dramatic increase is alarming. And where is Ben Goldacre's Did that site never launch?

  2. Ah… true an fair enough 🙂 I accidentally thought his TEDMed talk was delivered in 2010. Bad Pharma isn't even out for a few months. SORRY BEN!! haha

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