3 thoughts on “MS Learn Online – Progressive MS”

  1. Firstly, what happened to the pop-up comment box? This old way of commenting is too cumbersome and requires too much back and forth.Secondly, while I love watching clips issued by the global MS Societies about how hopeful they are when it comes to treating progressive MS, the sad reality is that this video sounds remarkably like every other video of this nature. All jelly and no toast.

  2. Some of us said we preferred the old way of commenting- maybe that's why. You have ice cream with jelly over here

    1. The non-popup comment function allows you to respond or comment on an individual comment; i.e. it keeps the conversations together. The pop-up option treats all comments individually, which makes it difficult to follow a conversation if there a lot of comments on a particular post. Therefore we have gone back to the linked comments. We can't please everyone; MouseDoc included. Apologies.

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