ECTRIMS 2012: alemtuzumab presentation

“Several people have now requested my slides on Alemtuzumab that I presented as part of the Genzyme satellite symposium at ECTRIMS. I have now loaded them onto slideshare for you to view and download.” 

“The aim of this presentation was to present the phase 3 trial data on Alemtuzumab in early RRMS as a therapeutic strategy that probably works by depleting circulating lymphocytes. The slides may be a little complicated as they were designed for a professional meeting. However, if you have any questions I will be around this weekend to answer them.”

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  1. Thanks Prof G – helpful summary.I have a question about the potential clinical impact of the likely delay between now and Alemtuzumab being available, assuming it is, via the NHS. I'm newly diagnosed with active but, currently, mild RRMS (i.e. I'm having 'relapses' but the symptoms they cause are relatively negigible in the grand scheme of things). I plan to take a first line DMT immediately. Assume Alemtuzumab is available to me in 2 years in the UK on the NHS (I realise it might not be and might be reserved only for very badly impacted people) can you quantify the 'lost' opportunity of that period? Is 2 years post-diagnosis still "early" in terms of your belief in early, aggressive treatment to stave of ultimate SPMS? I'm trying to weigh up spending all my savings on taking it privately instead as soon as licensed, probably mid-2013 rather than 2014-2015 and struggling to quantify the potential impact of a 2 year delay. I note the mean time post-diagnosis in the CARE-MS trials were c. 2 years so I'd be in keeping with those but still worry I'll have lost my opportunity to make a serious impact in my disease course. I've read something about rebooting before 'epitope spreading' can take place – is that a very small window of opportunity or is 2 years still potentially able to impact upon that mechanism (if, indeed, such a mechanism is believe to occur). Any help you can give me on this would be gratefully appreciated. Do I leave myself broke for treatment asap or wait 2 or 3 years for possible treatment but miss a window of opportunity? Can you try and quantify the 2 or 3 years delay in terms of the impact of Alem? Was the data in the trial split at all by time since diagnosis rather than just looking at the mean? eg those 6 months post did better than those 4 years post etc?

  2. How can Genzyme talk about second generation Lemtrada? I thought that if you messed around with a monoclonal antibody therapy you would have to go through the trial procedure all over again and that was what prevented me-too alemtuzumabs?

  3. I think no one knows what a second generation lemtrada is except the journalist who probably mis quoted someone from Genzymne. Maybe the it is second generation alemtuzumab, you just put less alemtruzumab in a bottle slap on a new label and charge 10 times as much….LemtradaSecond generation anythings will need trials

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