ECF Meeting Marbella: natural history and gut microbiota

#MSBlog: Hit hard and early!

“I will be speaking at the European Charcot Foundation meeting in Marbella later this week (see programme below). I am talking in the session on “Time to change the treatment paradigm for people with MS?” I assume the question mark is asking whether or not the time for this is now or in the future. 

My talk is on “Hit hard and Early”, which is another way of saying early aggressive treatment. Although this symposium is sponsored by Genzyme they have had no input into arranging the meeting, or the symposium. I have been told it is an independent session. I am going to have to come up with some new material for this talk; my existing slide set is looking rather old and worn. I have therefore prepared a quick survey below to help; I plan to present the preliminary results at the meeting. I would therefore appreciate it if you could complete the survey if you feel comfortable doing  it. Please leave any suggestions you may think will help me in making my case in the comments box. You help is much appreciated. Thank you!”

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8 thoughts on “ECF Meeting Marbella: natural history and gut microbiota”

  1. Prof G. will you sum up the most interesting findings (in short summaries/points) of the symposium once you're back? Thanks.

  2. Tourist guide: "Marbella, on the Costa del Sol, is undoubtedly one of the most demanded Spanish destinations in the world. Beaches are very well-known due to the glamour of their visitors".Poor old Dr Mouse loses again. Perhaps they'll be an EAE conference in Scunthorpe and Prof G will let you go to that. If I was Prof G I'd bring you back a bottle of Sangria and some chocs.

    1. I hope Prof. G will take it easier as last time during ECTRIMS in Lyon (4h sleep per day and blogging on top of the conferences?). Honestly spoken, this blog is something incredibly rich for us MSers who are interested in research of our illness and who try to follow the pipeline for new treatments and even take some decissions by ourselves.It would be much easier for Prof. G to avoid mentioning Marbella, as 99% of neurologists would do. By the way I live in Spain (being spanish) and know well all the charms not only in the Costa del Sol but the rest as well.

    2. Once I get the itinary of Prof G I will post, but this is going to be gobsmacking and madness as you will see. Crossing the atlantic a few times a week is not good for the sleep patterns. As for me I get to go to Reagents Park and if you do not know.This is international meeting this is less than ten kilometers from where I live.Living it large as ever ….not

  3. I assume you're joking but have you been to a conference yourself? I've been once and it's as boring as it gets and depending on the hotel you won't find sleep either – nice location is the least they can offer but I guess what they will most likely see are hotel lobbies.

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