Google Trends and CCSVI

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    1. Indeed, I feel the role of man boobs as a risk factor for the development of MS has been unjustly overlooked for too long.

    2. The spammer complained about the spam on his blog and asked how you deal with spam.And ended with the usual invitation to see his blog about ____

    3. Whoops! Just fell off my chair laughing. Maren Rasmussen? You are Cece, the second biggest shill for CCSVI on This is MS.

    4. At least Maren is not behind anonymous mask.. it is so easy to say not-so-polite-or-intelligent comments anonymously. Maren, don't care about these kind of comments.

  1. Hmm boobs may have something to do with it as MS affects more women than men… my dear Watson, have we overlooked something?

    1. It is most definitely NO and I don´t get a commission of any kind. This kind of talk is yet another example of what CCSVI has brought to the table. A lot of trashing of fellow MSers, of professionals and anyone that doesn´t agree..When I first heard of "the Liberation Therapy" it sounded rather appealing but then it became appalling. Appalling because the science behind it didn´t convince, for me it leaves to many unanswered questions, but most of all because the total lack of respect that that was shown from the devout followers and yes I´m not a scientist but that doesn´t make me stupid or a blind follower of Big Pharma. //Swedish Sara

    2. I quess CCSVI is now in the very beginning of a interesting road, and it will develop – diagnosis, operations and research. It is very interesting part with MS, and gives perhaps explanation to many things: – breakdown of bbb- lesion location- lesion vein relationship- slowed blood flow, perfusion- iron accumulation around veins, in certain areas – even immunesystem activation- and promising clinical trial results, 50-70 % operated people notice relief to many symptomsAbsolutely interesting topic and much more research is coming next year.

    3. Let us hope the blinded trials report soon and we will have some clarity…….I am not convinced by your optimism, the data appears to stack the other way.

    4. Me too, I am very interested about blinded trials. so in 2 years we know results. There are now 2 kinds of data.. and lots of controvercy with mixed doppler results. I saw lecture by doppler experts and it was said many times that "training is the key". They are also planning multimodal imaging / diagnosing with CCSVI.

    5. Maybe even sooner.. I think that Brave Dreams study is ready in two years (just my though). And there is also study in New York and smaller study in Buffalo University.

    6. I think the blinded trials will be of little value and are premature. The research and Science behind ccsvi is fluid, (punn intended). More veins are involved than initially realised, it is not just a case of opening up the ijv's and wham bam thank you Mam. MD I wouldn't put your hopes on this going away on the basis of these studies, the research WILL continue.

    7. "MD I wouldn't put your hopes on this going away on the basis of these studies, the research WILL continue."If that should be the case a lot more money will be (in my opinion) wasted which could be much better spent elsewhere, particularly in the area of neuroprotection. I suspect no amount of research findings indicating the uselessness of "liberation therapy" will ever be enough for the "truthers" out there.

    8. They are not premature…. You as an MS community have been calling for this to happen and this is why yhte Canadian government is spending over 8,000,000 dollars on this….but could the trials may not be designed well. That is opinion and is a real possibility as so many studies fall foul. However if the effects of venoplasty are so apparent then as people maintain then in a blinded study they should be too. If it does not show this in the blinded studies then it is a placebo effect and it will be end of story in most peoples eyes, importantly with the powers that be. If there is an effect then it can be embraced. However, many good drugs have fallen this way. Yes some people will carry on as they have with any favoured idea.The research will continue but who will pay for it? If an MS Society has been burned by a few million, it is not going to want to put more money down the same black hole

    9. I have quite similar though like Andy Clarke, findings and research is still very new and probably much bigger thing, than just narrowed / obstructed jugular/azygosveins – time will tell. My wife's plasebo effect have lasted now over 2,5 years, which is so wonderful. In her case, results were much more than we expected. I don't know how long plasebo lasts, but 2,5 years is quite long time.

    10. 2 more years of abuse ? I anticipate much longer than that MD 🙂 plus you know you love it, it makes you feel special and needed.Regards as Always and a Happy New Year

    11. I take it English Lit isn't your area of expertise MD2 ?? Anon, I don't bother replying to anyone who hasn't the decency to at least come up with a pseudonym.Try Googling 'The Merchant of Venice' by the one and only Shaky, that's the 'Bard' not Stevens btw ;-)It was a reposte to the line from MD "cut us and do we not bleed'.

    12. Well done you !!!! I knew you would get there in the end, let's hope you're not so slow on the uptake with the vascular issues within MS. oooppss. 🙁

    1. Also, Cece – the numbers are slowing. Those who go for venoplasty have re-stenosed or progressed, despite having free-flowing blood. CCSVI has roots in reality and an awful lot of 'shilling' and fluffing from around the world. It isn't helped by people like you, who don't even have a formal diagnosis of MS. MS is complicated. CCSVI is expensive. You don't even have MS.

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