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“We are looking for volunteers to help with analysing the surveys in more detail and writing short reports and blog post. Please let us know if you are willing to help.”

“Not sure if you find these helpful; we do. If you have an issue you want a quick and dirty answer to let us know!”

11 thoughts on “Recent poll results”

  1. I find these polls very interesting and helpful as the other posts. Even if I do not always agree…I have a quick and dirty question for the poll;Who suffers from MS and tinnitus?I do…

    1. I do to, it came as the same time as L´Hermittes.My neuro said it was very unusual.//Swedish Sara

  2. What about a poll about co-morbidity – how many of the bloggers suffer from more than one and/or two other autoimmune diseases and which are they? I do.

    1. If you read the post today you will see your question is in part answered as Team G well DoctorRuth and Prof G have shown that there is increased risk of thyroid problems and bowel problems and skin problems. Are yours different

    2. I read the post – no, my idea was to valide your results by asking the bloggers who are all over the world to see if the results are replicable (which I believe they are). Gastritis would be another disease in relatives of MSers.

  3. The MS Society stated this week that "Over 65,000 people with MS currently receive DLA, of whom over 46,000 are of working age. Nearly 95% of these people receive the higher rate Mobility Component."This means that there is a big disconnect between the seriousness of these figures and this blog's mantra that MS is a largely treatable condition. To me, the official figures suggest that the vast majority of young MSers become chronically disabled within ten years, affecting their mobility and ability to work.Therefore, a poll whether MSers are still in work is wanted.

    1. Yes, I would like to know how many bloggers can still walk without any problems and for how long they have been having MS.

  4. I don't have any ideas for survey topics, but I have a lot of background that might be helpful with regard to creating valid surveys and writing up results for the blog. My academic background is in social sciences and I'm currently doing some academic research work in health communications. Let me know what I can do.

  5. The surveys are useful but I wish more people would respond.Can volunteers stay publicly anonymous?

    1. Yes, they can! We would have to send you the data via email and you can then analyse it and prepare an anonymous post or preferably do it under a pseudonym so that you can take some credit for your work.

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