IPMSC: MS experts congregate in Milan

#MSBlog What are the MS experts up to in Milan?

“MD, Ram and myself are traveling to Milan  to attend the first scientific conference of the International Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Collaborative. You may be interested in the programme. We are interested in whether or not you believe any breakthrough will come from this meeting! Thanks.”

10 thoughts on “IPMSC: MS experts congregate in Milan”

  1. Come on Prof. G why should a meeting like this result in a breakthrough? Those of us with progressive MS are tired of broken promises.

  2. Film some of the meeting for us. Do it on your mobile and edit it into a five minute montage with all the good bits and stuff. Put things in it that will make us hopeful.

    1. It is being filmed, so no need for mobiles, so you may get your montage …..shouldn't be turning us into Paps

  3. Having seen the program I now feel more hopeful – it seems that work is already underway and heading in the right direction(s). Of course more focus is needed – eg to research into things that matter to Msers – and more time to carry out the research.

  4. So our Three Musqueteers are going to Milan and I am happy to see that. You promised to do that early 2013 and presto. The talks look good and the participants are first class so do something with this chance. I wouldn't speak of a breakthrough but it is a GOOD start.

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