6 thoughts on “IPMSC: study design phase 2 clinical trials”

    1. You are not speaking to the same people each time and so yes you will re circulate slide time again, and like a politician you need to repeat your message if you are to get your point across. At the meeting there seemed to be a willingness to start doing lumbar punctures However, Prof G may want to respond directly

    2. Anon 8:18 – hardly to imagine you're an expert to judge Prof G. The slides are perfectly OK – we asked Prof G a few times to repeat his mantra about LPs and brain atrophy etc. and that's what he's doing. The main thing that matters are the result and as Mouse says the neuros were starting to warm up to LPs.

  1. Some yes, but a lot not. Don't be so ungrateful Anon 8:18! Why faff about looking for new slides when the ones you have say what you want clearly and concisely.

    1. Totally agree, most slides are new and the old ones stress the main messages we all are learning with the G team. I specially like the disclosure of data on PMS trials (Simvastatin, THC), and the pyramid of therapeutic targets against MS (Anti-inflammatory, neuroprotection, remyelination, neuro-restoration). I am so grateful for all the published material.

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