Blog traffic by country

“Last month saw readers from the United States overtake the UK in terms of overall blog visits. This is surprising for us, as the blog was started to address the needs of MSers attending the Royal London Hospital. It is rewarding for us to see that we have a global footprint. Thank you.”

Proportion of visits by country

  1. United States 30.3% 
  2. United Kingdom 29.7% 
  3. Canada 4.1% 
  4. Germany 3.9% 
  5. Australia 3.4% 
  6. Sweden 2.0% 
  7. India 1.9% 
  8. Spain 1.9% 
  9. Country not set 1.8% 
  10. Switzerland 1.6% 
  11. Netherlands 1.4% 
  12. Norway 1.2% 
  13. Italy 1.1% 
  14. France 1.0% 
  15. Denmark 0.9% 
  16. Greece 0.8% 
  17. Belgium 0.8% 
  18. Ireland 0.7% 
  19. Austria 0.6% 
  20. Slovakia 0.4% 
  21. Other 10.4%

10 thoughts on “Blog traffic by country”

  1. This is one of the few places on the internet where people with ms can go and find some sanity rather than hype and ignorance.Keep up the good work.

  2. That's a pretty wide reach – you must be really pleased. As per other poster, keep up the good work.Thanks

  3. Don't get too smug, MouseDoc. Blogger is notorious for its rampant spamming antics, where people are abusing the "Flag this blog" link which appears in the Blogger nav-bar. The American and Russian territories are the worst culprits of such activities, inflating page views as a result of suspicious malware. While your readership may be solid, it is nowhere near what you think and nowhere near the America audience you may think you've courted. Sorry to break the news.

    1. Thanks, we noticed this. Since enabling word verification on the blog we have a drop-off in page views of ~10% and a virtual cessation of arbitrary spamming. Google is ahead of the game, which is why we have resisted moving to another platform. Despite many providers cold calling.

    2. Google has announced they will discontinue Google Reader from July. You never know when they may decide other free products: for example Google Alerts, blogspot, …

    3. Don't worry as Prof G indicates many other providers would be glad to host us should this ever come to pass.

    4. Blogger is one of the top 3 blog hosting sites, which is why Google bought them. Google makes too much money from click through advertising to abandon this product. However, they may create a two-tiered system; a professional one with more features and a free or basic one.

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