MS Champions: Zakariya Anis talks about having MS

If you live in East London you may want to make the effort to go to this talk on Saturday. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“In my Google Alerts this morning I picked up a post from the Hackney Gazette that a local MSer, Zakariya Anis, was giving a talk this Saturday about his experience of living with MS. I managed to track him down, with the help of one of my MS nurses, and offered to advertise his event on the blog. Why? I think MSers find it very helpful to learn from each other and these sorts of events provide a local point of contact for MSers and their families to meet each other. So if you live in East London and have an interest in MS you may want to attend this event.”

I will discuss as briefly as I can, the physical, mental, psychological and social implications of living with multiple sclerosis, I was a student who was diagnosed with MS after having symptoms since approximately 2006/7. I had done a presentation about MS as part of a extra curricular project in my retake of the first year of my A- level studies. 

Zakariya Anis

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