CrowdSpeak: vote on the name for the study to crowdfunded

You didn’t like HEART; you now have a vote to choose your name! #CrowdSpeak #MSBlog #MSResearch

“Thank you for your very creative responses in proposing several names for the study formerly known as the HEART study. The following is a list of 16 crowd-sourced acronyms.” 

  1. ARTEMIS – Anti-Retroviral Treatment for Epstein-Barr Virus in MultIple Sclerosis
  2. ARTS – Anti-ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy in mS Trial
  3. BARTS – Barts Anti-ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy in mS Trial
  4. BEAT-MS – Barts anti-Ebv and Anti-retroviral Therapy in MS Trial
  5. CARE – ChaRcot Anti-bv and anti-Retroviral thErapy trial 
  6. CATT – Charcot Anti-ebv and anti-reTroviral Therapy in MS Trial
  7. Charcot 2 trial – CHARCOT anti-Ebv and anti-tetroviral Therapy in MS
  8. CHANT – CHarcot anti-ebv and ANti-retroviral Therapy Trial 
  9. CHART – CHarcot anti-ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy Trial
  10. CHEARS – CHarcot anti-Ebv and Anti-Retroviral therapy Trial in MS
  11. CHEAT-MS – CHarcot anti-Ebv and Anti-retroviral therapy Trial
  12. CHEERY – CHarcot anti-Ebv and anti-Retroviral therapy Trial
  13. CREATE – ChaRcot anti-Ebv and Anti-retroviral ThErapy trial
  14. ERASE MS – Eliminating Retroviruses And Simultaneously EBV as a driver of MS
  15. HEART – cHarcot anti-Ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy Trial
  16. HEART-MS – cHarcot anti-Ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy in MS Trial

Please vote for the name you like best?”

“The survey is still open and we have expanded the number of questions we are asking; we need more responses in relation to the type of funding model and whether or not you you understand what we are trying to do.”

“Please note although we are going with the Charcot 2 Project we are still working on the  HSCT vs. Alemtuzumab or the ZEUS study. At the moment we are engaging with Dr Paolo Muraro’s group at Imperial who will need to lead on this.” 

“This remains a community project so please feel free to comment. Thank you.”

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15 thoughts on “CrowdSpeak: vote on the name for the study to crowdfunded”

  1. I was asked to complete a questionnaire from Cancer Research regarding crowd funding. Not sure the public are ready for individual research projects, the wider audience may just want to donate to MS research.

    1. You'd have thought Cancer Research would have more than enough funding already. Crowd funding as well seems greedy to me.

    2. I hope you're not serious. I don't think avarice is becoming. Why shouldn't they use all platforms? The public see results, so of course they will be successful.

    3. You would think, but the big Breast Cancer orgs are pretty scammy, and there are a lot of rare cancers (like Carcenoid) which despite being the one that got Steve Jobs, has zip for interest or funding. Each cancer is unfortunately different.

  2. The good thing about ARTEMIS is that it doesn't require a strangling of the terms to get the acronym – some study titles are just awful when you realise what the full title is.

    1. My take is that ARTEMIS fails as an acronym because of the letter "I". There is no word between Multiple and Sclerosis to accommodate it. Sorry, ARTEMIS fails the challenge, IMO.

    2. Spot is a memorable name for a polar bear but doesn’t help identify it and may considered slightly misleading. ARTEMIS is a memorable name, but is it actually an anti-retroviral trial “for” EBV in MS?

  3. Not letting me vote for some reason. I like ARTEMIS but there are quite a few things called that which could make it harder to google / get lost in search engines.

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