ClinicSpeak & ShiftMS: diagnosing MS with a normal MRI

Can you be diagnosed with MS and have a normal MRI #ShiftMS #MSBlog #ClinicSpeak

“The following is another MS Report as part of our collaboration with The topic addresses the issue of MRI; in this case a normal MRI.” 

CoI: this work has been generously funded by the Wellcome Trust, Thank You. 

One thought on “ClinicSpeak & ShiftMS: diagnosing MS with a normal MRI”

  1. This is very interesting to me because I had an acute attack where I loss the ability to walk for 6 months and permanent urinary retention, but the MRI was clear.The doctors didn't know what was happening, but they kept monitoring we after reccurant, less severe attacks. Three years later a scan showed a non-enhancing lesion on my ponds which led to the diagnosis of MS.I think what I had initially is ADEM because in this disease the MRI may be normal on the initial scan, but lesions do not show up until later. The lesions tend to resolve also, so if you have recurrent ADEM it may be a crap shoot to capture MRI abnormalities with one scan.Here is a paper that describes this:I would like to know how severe damage can be occurring clinically, but an MRI is clear? And why do lesions resolve?

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