NewsSpeak: Alastair Compston recognised in New Year’s Honours List

Alastair Compston is honoured by the Queen with a CBE! #NewsSpeak #MSBlog

“Congratulations to Professor David Alastair Standish Compston, Professor of Neurology, University of Cambridge, for receiving the Commanders of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to multiple sclerosis treatment.”

“This honour is well deserved and very timely. It takes a brave and visionary person to use an off-label drug to test a therapeutic strategy, or hypothesis, based on a scientific rationale. We must not forget that most DMTs  that are currently licensed for MS are a due to people like Professor Compston; thank you.”

4 thoughts on “NewsSpeak: Alastair Compston recognised in New Year’s Honours List”

  1. Will it be klausy next? I think he has done just as much as prof c with his meta analysis paper for cladribine

    1. Hardly likely for writing a paper, So I think you do Prof Standish(?) C a diservice.However…but for "Displaying moral courage" maybe you can do nominate him Ha Ha,:-)Do you have to be British?I was asked if I wanted to nominate someone once, I was too lazy to fill in the form.

    2. Before nominating 'Klausy' let's see if Movectro gets its EMA license. If it doesn't cladribine is going nowhere. I suggests 'Klausy' starts working with the new cluster of anti-CD20 biosimilars.

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