NeuroSpeak: Google Hangout CaseStudy 13h00 GMT 18-Jan-2016

Our first case study will be broadcast as a Google Hangout tomorrow at 13h00 GMT 18-Jan-2016. #NeuroSpeak #CaseStudy #MSBlog

“I will be doing our first case study tomorrow as a Google Hangout. If you can’t make it I will be recording it to YouTube so that you can catch-up asynchronously in your own time. Slightly nervous about this initiative; I am interested to see how it will be received.”

Questions you need to consider before the Jan-2016 webinar:

  1. What type of MS does this patient now have (Dec 2015)? 
  2. What was his baseline prognostic profile in Feb-2005?
  3. Would you have managed his MS differently?
    • In Feb-2005?
    • Between Oct-2006 to May-2012?
    • Between May-2012 to Dec-2015?
  4. Would you stop his glatiramer acetate (Dec-2015)?
  5. Does knowing his EDSS profile help you clinically?
  6. Excluding symptomatic treatments how would you manage his MS in 2016?”

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