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“The following is the slide presentation of from my case study last week and the YouTube videos. Apologies for the technical glitches. I now need some feedback to improve on them. I have already been told that I should record the answer to each question separately so that you can dip in and out of the case study piecemeal.”

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  1. I think measuring neurfiliamants in the spinal fluid is interesting, but it seems to me this would be greatly affected by the sample location.For instance, if two people have the exact same level of neurodegeneration, but in the first patient the damage is located near the lumbar puncture and the second persons damage is located far away from the lumbar puncture site it would seem the neurofilamant level in the first person would be higher than that of the second person.How can you ensure that a neurofilamant analysis of a lumbar puncture sample is representative of the progression throughout the whole CNS?

  2. Having probs submitting survey from my phone so here's my comment….I think it would be interesting to have questions about how people would manage the case at different points with the treatment options that are available now as well as historically. This gives greater info to people with MS that is relevant to them now. Also could you divide answers to the survey by categories, ie people with MS and neurologists as I'd be most interested in seeing the difference between the two but also just knowing the percentage of neurologists who would do things differently. Maybe for your next one you could choose a moderate prognosis at early diagnosis – i'd be interested in knowing who would favour induction or escalation although I admit to a vested interest 🙂

  3. Great talk. Interesting responses. Using this case if this patient has high effective treatment at onset where do you think he would be edss now?

  4. Natalizumab then would be the best choice to treat it … I had responded to Rituximab may be a good option … I thought the analysis of very interesting case study, like the analysis of neurofilament become clinical practice …

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