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  1. Is this a mandate from big Pharma? I heard they don't like criticism as it makes them uncomfortable when they are on their yachts and at their vacation homes. Don't worry big Pharma, we have no where else to go. Your exorbitant profits and price gouging are safe.

  2. This is disappointing news. The blog is a very valuable resource in a sea of misinformation.

  3. Why Prof. G.?! What is going on?MD trolls won?Don't do this, this space is extremely importan for us, especially us who have MS!!!!!

  4. why is this suspended? I only went away for a few weeks, then come back to find it has gone!

  5. I am 45 and was diagnosed with idiopathic transverse myelitis in September 2019 and have been left with some moderate lack of sensation from my waist to my feet, I’m not taking, nor ever have taken any medication.
    I’d be grateful for your opinion regarding the three Covid-19 vaccines on offer in the UK at the moment; Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca.
    My concern is that the vaccine could cause a relapse of my condition, one that left me permanently in a worse condition, especially the AstraZeneca one, as earlier this year the trial was put on hold whilst cases of transverse myelitis were investigated.
    Thanks very much

    1. The there is no evidence it will cause a relapse (there is no evidence it wont)

      The pfizer and the moderna are RNA vaccines and no reports of transverse myelitis yet.
      Astrazeneca one report of transverse myelitis possibly related to drug, one in the placebo arm so clearly not related to that drug and another in vaccine arm attributed to undiagnosed MS.

      You will soon get your answer, millions have been injected with pfizer, very soon millions will be injected with zeneca and soon millions with moderna as vacination starts in the US and EU

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