CrowdSpeak: Have you been touched by the MS Trust?

Have you ever read a MS Trust guide or seen a MS nurse specialist? If you have, please make a donation. #MSBlog #MSResearch #MSTrust


The Barts-MS Team, who have now regained their Mojo, are running the 2016 Vitality London 10km Run this Sunday to raise money for the MS Trust. If you have ever read one of the MS Trust’s guides, or have been looked after by one of the hundreds of MS clinical nurse specialists (CNS’s) across the country please stop and think, and make a donation. Without the MS Trust you wouldn’t have their amazing self-help guides, nor would you have such well trained MS CNS’s. In addition, the MS Trust are one of the most active advocates for MSers, including MS healthcare and social services, treatments and policy. We simply can’t manage without the MS Trust. 

If you do the donating we, the Barts-MS team, will do the running (me included with my arthritic hip). I f we can raise more than £3,000 before Sunday, I promise to run, or at least try and run, the race in under 45 minutes.

Thank you!

Please donate via our Virgin Money Site. Thank you. 

Photo credit: Dolly Clew

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