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“I received the following email from Jodi Haartsen, a very inspiring nurse practioner in Melbourne, Australia. Jodi is the person who suggested we set-up an international competition between teams of MS healthcare professionals around our ‘Brain Health’ initiative. The argument being you have to practice what you preach. We are still to get the competition off the ground, but before we do she has set a challenge for her own team around the Olympic games. Are you up for it?” 
Dar super Neurosciences team,

Last week  I presented on brain health in MS, a global initiative that includes promoting healthy lifestyles for better brain health.  


Here is the link if you missed the presentation.
Truly inspired by the Olympics, and with the blessing of our fearless leaders Helen and Patrick (and input from Tanya -just so I am not solely to blame) …….

The challenge is to all to get on board for healthy lifestyle and show we are as committed to brain health as much as we advise our patients to be! 

So for the few weeks we are all enjoying Aussie victories in Rio, how about we put some wins on the board here! 

The challenge

For every Gold medal we win  you can do a 3km walk/run OR 10km bike ride OR  800m swim!
For every silver medal we win its all the way up to the 9th floor via the stair well!

For every bronze medal we win  pump out  50 push ups OR 100 sit ups OR 2 min plank
(These are to be completed within the 24 hours of the medal win)!

I will send out an email every morning of the medal tally and the daily challenge, and some words of motivation.  
If exercise isn’t possible, you could also name your own challenge  such as not eating any cakes or lollies, abstain from alcohol or  get enough sleep every night for the duration of the Olympics!

To show to our patients that we do have fun, and we are
committed to brain health,  we ask you to please email  fun photos of yourself doing the challenges or amazing feats, or ways in which you have embraced  of the challenge and we can collate them at the end and make a poster of our brain healthy Neurosciences team.   

Have fun!
Jodi Haartsen
MS Nurse Practitioner
Eastern Health MS Service 

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  1. If you click on Guest Post on the email it will take you to the MSR blog and the images are fine there. I can't get the on my email either.

  2. > OR 10km bike ridedoes downhill counts, Prof G?I'm overdone with this already then, hehehe

  3. How can you get enough sleep while the Olympics are on? I for one am staying up ridiculously late watching!!

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