Repost: MS F atigue Project

Do you suffer from MS fatigue? You may be interested in attending this event. #MSFatigue #ClinicSpeak

Edinburgh fatigue event now included! #MSFatigue #ClinicSpeak

Dear MS Stakeholder

We are currently completing a systematic review of exercise and behavioural interventions for MS fatigue. The project has been funded by the MS Society UK and the study team is made up of internationally renowned researchers from the fields of Health Psychology (Professor Rona Moss-Morris, King’s College London; Dr Sarah Thomas, University of Bournemouth) and Physiotherapy (Professor Tom Mercer & Dr Marietta Van der Linden, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh; Dr Claire White, King’s College London).

As part of the dissemination of the work, we are holding two stakeholder event with MS patients, their families and carers in order to share the findings regarding the most effective interventions currently available and seeking their feedback and preferences. 

There will be two sessions, one in London on the 3 September 2016 and one in Edinburgh. We have embedded the advert for the London event if you are interested in attending; please register via our London eventbrite link or Edinburgh eventbrite link.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Dr Jane Petty, Dr Anthony Harrison and Professor Rona Moss-Morris



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  1. I think we maybe could add one more campaign to the list.Is it possible to define MS Fatigue in a way other people understand what "we" are suffering from?I like the above mentioned description "Fatigue feels like wading through treacle physically, mentally and emotionally. Etc..AndMS Fatigue: what iconic image captures MS Fatigue best?Any suggestions?

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