SurveySpeak: Impact, or lack of it

How do you feel about research, or academic, IMPACT? It is a sad fact of life in the modern university. #SurveySpeak #MSBlog 

“One of our successes this year has been our medical school investing in Alison Thomson our designer; she has officially been appointed as a lecturer. This is the first time our University has embedded a designer within a biomedical research environment. As always we need to justify our existence; this means metrics and impact. We now have to build a case for Alison’s work having impact. It would help us enormously if you could please complete a short survey (9 questions and ~1 minute of your time) to help show that Alison’s work in relation to the Barts-MS Blog is having impact. The survey is not only for people with MS, but anyone who reads this blog. Thank you!”

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