#ThinkHand: cardboard 9-HPT launched at ECTRIMS

Have you tried the carboard 9-HPT yet? It is not too late. #ThinkHand #ECTRIMS2016 #MSBlog

“Our #ThinkHand campaign launched yesterday. It has had a great response. We have been asking delegates to do the 9-HPT under different conditions and to then collate the results. I hope we get several hundred delegates participating and we can distribute a 1000 cardboard 9-HPTs at ECTRIMS. What we want is for the field to put hand and arm function in MS top of mind.”

5 thoughts on “#ThinkHand: cardboard 9-HPT launched at ECTRIMS”

  1. Hello,I have done the 9HPT quite a few times but no idea what my times were. I am looking forward to trying it out at MS Life this weekend. I have got noticeably clumsier over the last couple of years.I hope to get hold of one so I can test myself weekly over the next couple of years or else find someone who could make me a wooden one. Definitely not splashing out £ 100 for a plastic ine

  2. I notice that the instructions say for you to have a test run first. Welllll if your fatiguability is as bad as mine, your test run is often the best time you can do it in! I think that if you've done the test a few times over the years, and fatiguability is an issue, you should probably skip that step. Of course, this is part of your push to get people who are more disabled – in wheelchairs – to take part in trials and concentrate on upper body/limb strength and movement, so it is more likely that you're going to come across people like me …in a wheelchair with limited upper/limb strength and poor fatiguability! Good luck – I really hope that you get more of us into trials

    1. It is about self-monitoring so if you do the save every time it should not matter even if the second test is slower and it may show if there is a change in fatigueability

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